marker roll-up

So Miss M loves 2 things right now.  Minnie Mouse and coloring.  So basically most of her Christmas gifts are kind of based around these 2 things.  (and I'll let her color all day long- I love how long she'll sit and focus on it!)  So on Black Friday, we bought her some of the Color Wonder packs at Wal-Mart to give her for Christmas.  But when I went to wrap them up, I realized that her markers were going to need a little home.  So going with the Minnie theme, I made her a Color Wonder marker roll-up!

I followed the tutorial basically found here on Make It and Love It for a crayon roll-up but had to change the measurements.  Sadly I didn't calculate the heighth right because look how sad it looks just a little short!  But oh well- maybe some day I'll make a new one and turn this one into a crayon roll-up or something.  But for now I'm short on patience, fabric, and time since I've still got a few more things I want to finish up before Christmas.  It'll have to do for now but I think Miss M will still love it!

Oh and just in case you want to make one for markers too, I'll add my measurements.  And remember- mine came out to short (as if you could forget- look how bad that looks!) so I'd definitely add some inches to the height.  (all measurements are in inches)

markers were spaced 1 1/2 inches apart
length:  15 + seam allowances
outer fabric heighth:  6 + seam allowances
inner fabric heighth:  3 1/2 + seam allowances

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TanuvasaCasa said...

Love your blog!! So many great ideas. This one caught my eye in particular because I have been looking all over for houndstooth fabric!!!! Where in the world did you find that?? Thanks!