pint sized Party Skirt tutorial

Wow so apparently, I have really bad preggo brain!!  A few things were brought to my attention today. One- I never posted my canvas print!  I'm getting right on that.  Promise.  And then two, I was reminded after seeing my Party Skirt posted on Homemade by Jill that I never shared the mini version here!  I had guest posted the tutorial on UCreate and then when the time came to share it here, I was in the midst of morning sickness and this blog got very neglected.   (ok so really I'm still dealing with morning sickness but not as horrible as it was and I'm starting to catch up and craft again) Sorry!  So here it is.  I had originally envisioned a skirt for me but after making my Party Skirt, I knew that I had to have one for Miss M but pint sized.  So that's what this is- a tutorial for a mini sized Party Skirt!

Let's just jump right in!  What you'll

* Fabric- this can be linen (like used
in the adult version) or cotton.  And the amount is based on your model.
 Oh and wash and dry it first.  You'd hate to have your brand new skirt
shrink after the first time it's worn!

* Elastic
* Thread
* Scissors
* Sewing machine (and serger if you have one.  If not- just zig zag your
* Iron and ironing board
* And of course a cute little model to

You'll want to measure around
the waist and the length you want it to be.
My daughter's waist is 16" and I wanted the length to be 9"
(yes- she is a peanut!)

This is what I used for the elastic.  I prefer the non-roll in a nice wide width

Alright so lets going!

The main portion of the skirt:
 the length you measured with 2 inches added by her waist measurement 2
1/2 times.  Make sense?  No.  So for example- my piece was 11
inches wide (I wanted the final length to be 9) and 40 inches long (16+16+8=40).

The waist band:  the length is 1 1/2 times your models waist and for width- it'll be about an inch extra to double the width of your elastic.  Again- my piece was 24 inches long (16+8=24) and 4 inches wide (1 1/2+1 1/2+1=4).

Elastic:  I wanted mine to come out to be 16 inches exactly so it barely fits her now.  So I cut the elastic 8 inches- or half of your waist measurement.

This is what you should have:

This is your skirt and all of the material you'll need.

So we'll start by making the waistband first.  It is the most time consuming
part!  First serge your long edges.  It is easier to do this now instead
of later I found out!  Then we're gong to fold it in half and iron a crease.
 To do this, I tucked the elastic inside the fold and then if you're sewing a
striped material, carefully match those stripes up so that they will be straight once

After ironing a small area, go ahead and just slip that elastic out and iron a nice solid
crease in the whole waistband.

We're now going to topstitch just as close to the edge as possible down the length of
the whole piece to keep that crease there.

Now measure down half of your original waist measurement, add about 1/2 inch for
the side seam, and pin.

You're now just going to sew straight seams that length.  (so from the end to
your pin)  This will be the front of the skirts waistband.  I wanted it to
lay flat and the seams will help with it keeping its shape when washed.

Once you've finished, we're going to sew in the elastic!  Tuck it right up
snug in that crease/top stitching and push it as close to the seam ends as possible.
 Sew it horizontal now.  I sewed 3 seams on the blue stripes to help
keep it in place and strong against being pulled at.

Now with your elastic inside, sew a casing down the rest of the material staying
pretty close to the edge of the elastic.

Oh but wait!  Before you sew your whole casing, attach a safety pin through
the end of the elastic and hook a ribbon (this just happened to be right nearby)
through the pin.  This will help you in the next step.

So after sewing the casing all the way down, we're gonna pull that elastic through.
 This is where the ribbon comes in handy!  Now don't just try and pull
that ribbon because trust me I learned, the safety pin will pop off.  :)  It
will still work, it is just trickier threading that elastic through the casing.  So
instead, use it like a handle and just gently pull the material back on the elastic,
pushing it back.  Once you've reached the end of your elastic, sew it in place
again as you did on the other end.  But leave about a 1/2 inch or so for the
side seam.  Your waistband should look like this:

Now that the hard part is over, let's
whip the rest of this skirt up!  What'd ya say?

Take the main portion of your skirt and serge all edges.  This isn't neccessary
but it sure does give it a nice finished look when your done.

Gather the top.  If you haven't ruffled before, it's easy!  Lengthen
your stitch to the longest setting.  Loosen your bobbin.  And don't
backstitch!  Now you're just going to sew along the top edge and then pull just
one side of the strings (either your top thread or the bobbin- not both!) to gather it
into a nice ruffle.  One tip- break your skirt up into portions.  That way
if a thread breaks, it's not the whole skirt that has to be redone.  You can see
this in the picture below:

Now your going to pin your skirt
portion to your waistband.  Now this gets a little tricky.  First pin the
flat portion of the waistband to the ruffled skirt portion.  Now when you pin
the elastic portion, stretch it out!  This will make your material not as ruffled
as the front so that when the elastic scrunches back up, the material scrunches.
 And when the elastic is stretched out, the material will still look slightly
 ruffled.  Does that make sense?  Hope so!

Now sew those two pieces together where you have just pinned.

Now just iron that seam flat and iron in those ruffles a bit.  Not much, just a
little to help it lay nicely.

This is a great time now to check for your ruffling thread.  If you see some, no
biggie!  Just carefully unpick it.

You're almost done!!  All we have left is to sew your side seam, press that
open, and then hem the skirt bottom.  Yay- you have just made an adorable
party skirt!

But if you want to add on the cute bow in front, don't leave me just yet.  When
I made my party skirt, I made a detachable sash.  But that would be tricky to
keep in place on a crazy little runner and dancer!  So instead, I made a half of
sash and attached it.  We're going to first make 2 sashes.  You'll want
to cut these double the width of your waist band and as long as the entire waist
measurement.  So my two pieces:  they were each about 3 inches side
and 16 inches long.

Now fold each in half with the right
sides together, iron this crease, and cut one end at a slight angle.

Sew around three of the sides creating a long tube.  Snip your corners and flip
it right side out.

Iron these again keeping those seams nice and flat.

Now just tuck in the one end to close it off and topstitch around the entire sash.
 I chose to finish these off with my double needle but that was just for style.
 Any regular topstitch would work great!

Now you should have 2 little sashes (and check your angles at this point to make
sure they are laying correctly).  Lay these wrong side out and pin just inside
or in front of the sides.  Sew back and forth a few different times on each

Now tie into a bow and voila!  You know have a mini Party Skirt- complete
with a big bow!

I love the finished look!!  And with that elastic back, it'll be sure to last for
quite sometime!

Front:  Flat fitted look with a gorgeous big bow!

Back: nice and stretchy for easy on and off and to adjust for growth!

It is the perfect little complimentary skirt to the fitted (with a zipper)
adult Party Skirt!  And if you have any questions
at all about this tutorial, please don't hesitate to email me or leave a comment.  I
would love to hear from you and help you out the best I can!


Abby said...

What a great idea! So cute!

Rachel said...

I just came across your blog, and it is so cute (and your daughter is even cutier!) Looking forward to seeing more tutorials! Love me some tutorials!

Becky said...

I just made the grown-up skirt this week, and I love it! Now I'm off to make one for my girlie. Thanks for the pattern!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Oh my gosh. So adorable. I think that the adult version is the one I'd like to make for myself. Never made a piece of clothing for myself and I think it's time.

Jacynthe said...

SUch a cute skirt!! LOve it!!

The Crawfords said...

Hi my name is Andrea and I am very new to sewing. I really want to be able to sew and make cute things like you! I tried to make the adult party skirt and failed, I sized it wrong and messed up the zipper! Thanks for sharing your cute tutorials though, I love them:)

Stephanie said...

Thanks SO much for your mini party skirt tutorial. You are so generous for sharing your creativity and know-how! I was able to whip up a darling Easter skirt for my three year-old and have another one started for my older daughter. Fun times! Thank you, again! I look forward to exploring your awesome blog some more.