snow white!

a couple weeks ago, m wanted to be cinderella for halloween.  and then nana sent her a BYU cheerleader costume so she then wanted to be that.  then she wanted me to make her a belle dress.  and then i went out of town.  when i flew into the orlando airport, there was a statue of snow white.  i took a picture next to it and emailed it to my husband to show m while i was gone.  this was it:

after that, m changed her mind again and wanted to be snow white.  so thinking she would change her mind, i asked her again the next day what she wanted to be.  she told me, "mom, i tell you other day.  i want be snow white."  before making the costume yesterday afternoon, i asked her again.  she told me then, "mom.  i tell you five times.  i want be snow white!"  well there you have it folks.  i guess this girl really wants to be snow white!

so when thinking about her costume, i decided that i wanted something easy, comfortable, wearable, and machine washable.  so i used some knits that i had on hand- the red and blue are old t-shirts of mine actually.  i have a feeling this will be worn alot!!

(and in case you were wondering, yes that is a little black eye.  she tripped over a big bucket of toys while playing with some friends...  so my daughter!)


Kayla and Josh said...

I love it! I bet she will wear this ALL the time since you made it so comfortable and easy to take on and off! lol

Brooke and Ryan Steed said...

So cute! You make it seem so easy and like no big deal! I'd NEVER be able to do that in a million years!

Amanda said...

LOVE LOVE, you did a great job!! I am jealous, jealous at your talent! M looks adorable!