b family pictures

so this past weekend, i was lucky enough to do a photoshoot with one of my favorite families.  seriously love them.  i could just eat these boys up!  and hello- gorgeous mama!!  and she is as beautiful inside as she it out.  thanks b fam!


Brooke and Ryan Steed said...

The 3rd pic is my favorite!

Malerie said...


I was just looking at an old post on my blog since I want to update my quiet book for my kids. I noticed you had left a comment on there like a YEAR ago! I'm so sorry I missed it! Did you ever make one? I'd love to see what you came up with. This is probably way too late and you may not even remember :) but I actually cut 8.5x11 sheets of pellon and ran them through my printer to get the images on them.

Here is the link again if you don't know what I'm referring to
I have a little boy now and need to make some more masculine pages :)

Happy Crafting!

milecar said...

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