party like it's your birthday!

party party!!  so a couple weeks before m's birthday, i asked her what she wanted to do for her party.  she told me she wanted- friends, cupcakes, and balloons.  well sweet!  i assumed she'd want something princess but i took the balloon theme and just ran with it.  she was so excited!!

the polka dot themed food:

oreo lollipops

cheese circles and crackers- to try and counter balance the sugar :)

marshmallows, grapes, and donut holes- from our favorite local donut shop

cupcakes with lollipops for the dots

for drinks, i labeled the waterbottles so that names could easily be written onto the the paper so they didn't get confused with who's was who's

l was so content just chilling and taking it all in...

now for the games:

as they came, they got to make candy necklaces!  they ended up being more bracelets because it was a little harder than i anticipated but they still loved it.

pin the dot on the crown

a pinata that my awesome friend leah helped me make.  and this was great because all the halloween candy is gone from the house!  well except for what i wanted to keep :)

then came the balloons!  my hubby was so sweet and helped me blow up every balloon out of a bag of 72 the night before.  and he blew up more than i did and they were way bigger than mine!  ha!  so the plan was to tape and hang them up all around outside for the decorations but it was a little windy and for every 3 i would hang up, 2 would pop.  and this was before it even started!  so i just left them inside and was going to bring them all out to let the kids pop them in the yard but again- it was windy and didn't want the balloons to just blow everywhere into our neighbors yards.  so for the last game, the kids just came into our front room and popped all the balloons inside!

it got really noisy really quick so we didn't pop quite all of them...

we then sang happy birthday and tried to light a candle and ate food!

it was a fun party, pretty simple and low-key, and i'm so grateful for all our friends here that came and helped us celebrate m's birthday.  i still can't believe she is 3!

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