just a little late v-day post

ok so i know that v-day has come and gone but i'm really trying to post again!  apparently having a baby and then being pregnant with a baby so close has left me with barely enough energy to either sew and craft or post- not both.  but i'm working on it!  i've really enjoyed getting back into my craft room and sewing again.  i've done lots of projects lately and will slowly start trying to post again.  but no promises :)

so to start off the catch up, lets start with the v-day things.  some fun cupcakes to pass out!  we were going to have a whole little v-day party for m's friends but thanks to the all the germs going around, all of us moms and kids were too sick!  but we did get the cute little cupcakes made and dropped off for my visiting teaching.

and then next up was a new cute little pink dress for miss m.  she was so excited to see me making her a dress- especially out of her uncles old shirt!  she loves him and loved that the shirt was his.  so i used this tutorial for the base of the shirt and then just did my own thing when it came time for the sleeves and sewed ties onto it for the waist band knowing that m would love them.

the funny thing was that i was rushing to sew it for her and ended up sewing both sleeves on backwards AND inside out!  i almost just threw it away but instead set it aside for a few hours and then just unpicked the seams and re attached them correctly!  she was so excited and loves wearing it.  its a little on the big side so i think it'll be cuter in a year with leggings but i still love seeing her wear it.

so excited when she woke up in the morning and saw that it was finished!

ok so i've started on the catch up.  many more posts to come!  slowly...

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